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CYCLEme Fitness are the authorised retailer and demo ride specialist in Kent for ElliptiGO UK. For Spares please click HERE

CycleMe Fitness - Book an ElliptiGo Demo Ride

ElliptiGO is an elliptical trainer and bicycle cross. Started in 2005, it hit the international market in 2010. 

The ElliptiGO is designed to mimic the cardio workout that running provides but without the impact.  Everyone from elite athletes to recreational runners use the ‘GO for fitness and sport, cross-training, recovery from injury, or replacing high-impact sports that cause injury. The patented elliptical motion is the key, enabling smooth biomechanics that work the muscular and cardiovascular systems without jarring the body. Additionally, the rider’s upright posture keeps the body in the optimal position to promote strength and speed. The ElliptiGO is a fun and effective outdoor workout that introduces a brand new category of sport – Elliptical Cycling.

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To book a purchase demo ride or one of our CYCLEme Fitness Trials on an Elliptigo 8C or Arc email or call 07872312800 to confirm a time and date convenient for you then purchase the 'ElliptiGO Demo Ride'

We do charge a £9.50 demo fee to cover our insurance and which is refunded upon purchase of the bike for us.

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